The Orangerie: Planting Details 

Extracts from the Planting Plan show the breakdown of the planting design in the different areas.

A mix of traditional garden plants reflecting the long social history of Gardens was used alongside indigenous fynbos and other popular South African gardening plants.

The overall colour scheme was a soft selection of white, blue and pink with other highlights. As you move around the scheme different planting schemes emerge.

A major challenge of the planting design in the gracht was creating a symmetrical planting scheme for the two sides which had very different climates, one side being hot and dry, the other cool and shady.

Another device that was used to add variety was the interplay of similar species in different colour forms and the use of variegated species in the leaf coloration. White leaves are very useful in shady places as they brighten up the planting especially in winter.

Gracht Planting at entrance and Block B

Gracht planting at Block A 

Planting in the NW corner near the Labia 

Planting in the car park and under historic Norfolk Island Pines on Orange Street 

Planting on the south side of the scheme 

Planting on the west side of the scheme showing an alternating planting pattern