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Metalasia is a widespread shrub of the daisy family found extensively in the Western Cape and beyond across Africa. What fascinates us about Metalasia or blombos (Afrikaans common name meaning "flowering/blooming bush") are its prolific, early winter blooms, mostly white, but also found in a fascinating variety of pastel tints including mint green, straw yellow, gold, pale strawberry, pale brown and even more in-between. As such, Metalasia reflects the diversity of landscape be it style, vegetation, land form, colour, season, climate, location. Here are some photographs of these beautiful but very tough fynbos/strandveld plants.

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Metalasia growing on the slopes of Muizenberg, Cape Town in 2014. This is the mountain which burnt down in the great fire of April 2015 leaving little but white sand and ashes.

The variation in colours on display: white (left) and rose (right).

Rose metalasia heads as seen from above. The fine pattern of metalasia is typical of fynbos meaning "fine bush" and part of its very fine beauty.

Close up of the common white form showing the maroon centre with the yellow stamens and stigma protruding. 

Dense blankets of white metalasia/blombos come out in late autumn (May) and bloom until mid-winter (July). The mountain looks like a winter-bride and makes a stunning display at the start of winter!

More colour variations: gold (left) and mint (right).

Closer view of the rose heads, here not quite open. It is the scaly bracts not the petals themselves that create the colour.

When viewed up close, the very fine metalasia flowers are typical composite flowers of the daisy family (Asteraceae).