Gallery: The Orangerie

NWA has been monitoring the maintenance since soon after construction completion. It's really great watching a scheme grow and mature over the years and to guide its development as planned. There are constant changes and challenges in the landscape which require specific input to direct the contractors and protect the design from ad hoc changes. The biggest challenge in the early years was establishing the planting in the scouring winds that come off Table Mountain affecting one apartment block severely. The citrus lost their leaves twice a year in their first couple years as they struggled to adapt to the storms and summer southeaster. Ground covers are essential to keeping the soil down and off the patios and out of the door runs. We settled on Crassula spathulata which is perfect for shaded locations and easily propagated on site. We also put shade cloth on the balustrades which made a big difference.

The Orangerie, Gardens | Maintenance 2012 (Constructed 2008)

The Orangerie, Gardens | Maintenance 2013

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