Gallery: Bloemhof EHQ

NWA has been monitoring the maintenance for two years since construction completion. It's always satisfying watching a scheme grow and mature over the years and to guide its development as planned. There are constant changes and challenges in the landscape which require specific input to direct the contractors and keep the design development on track. This endemically planted landscape (except for the palms) has flourished and the first year's erosion problems were consolidated within the first year. Two out of 22 5m-palms died, one early on, the other only recently, both in a very hot spell despite irrigation. Traces of wildlife were soon seen taking up residence. Otherwise, the plants have handled their reinstatement in an urban area well.

Bloemhof Electricity Headquarters, Bellville | Establishment 2014

Bloemhof Electricity Headquarters, Bellville | Construction 2013

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