Environmental Planning and EIA

Environmental planning is twin to landscape architecture and NWA has equally long experience in its practise. We have prepared various EIAs in Zimbabwe and Tanzania and conducted specialised VIA and HIA studies in South Africa and Zambia. Our services have covered a wide range of project applications including roads, pipe lines, safari lodges, airports, quarries, residential and industrial estates, wine estates, new towns, hotels, hospitals, signs, sewage farms and various other applications.

NWA has also worked further north in Tanzania preparing a World Bank EIA for a 230km road upgrading along Lake Victoria in Tanzania. This was in an area of high population and great natural beauty, the road having deteriorated through years of neglect, required rebuilding.

Since relocating to Cape Town, NWA has specialised in visual planning and heritage planning, and regularly prepares Visual Impact Assessments (VIA), Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) and Notification of Intent to Develop (NID) Applications to Heritage Western Cape (HWC) and South African Heritage Resource Authority (SAHRA) for new developments as part of the NEMA requirements of South Africa.

Bruce Eitzen has completed the Green Star SA training course and has worked on some of Cape Town's first Green Star projects as project landscape architect. With his botanical background and diverse interests across landscape, visual and heritage environments, NWA prepares thorough studies in all these disciplines and specialities of the environmental planning world. We work well with many partners in the industry and have a high success rate in all our applications.

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