Environmental Planning Projects

NWA has over 25 years experience in Southern Africa and beyond. Presented here is a select list of our projects; some are illustrated on separate pages in the submenus. 

Angwa City Centre, Harare: Preparation of EIA for twenty-storey building in the CBD. The building is a luxury development incorporating shopping malls, covered parking and an office tower. The complex and environmentally configured building will contribute well to the city and create jobs during construction. This EIA is a first in Harare in line with new planning requirements now being conformed to.

CABS Project: 45 S Machel Avenue, Harare: Similar to the Angwa City Centre project, the EIA was for another high quality building in Harare’s financial district. Use of materials and a different environmental concept achieved energy efficiency and made a statement of value to the skyline. The building includes covered parking, banking halls and an office tower.

Alaska Dolomite EIA, Chinhoyi: Preparation of detailed EIA including rehabilitation techniques for an abandoned quarry. Proposals featured ongoing rehabilitation in the new quarry.

Victoria Falls Strategic EA: Photographic survey and landscape analysis as part of multi-disciplinary team investigating the impacts of development on the Victoria Falls area.

Domestic Airports Master Plan Project EIA, Zimbabwe: Preparation of ten EIA Reports for the development of new and existing, domestic airports around Zimbabwe. Airports included were: Buffalo Range, Bulawayo, Charles Prince, Gweru Thornhill, Hwange National Park, Kariba, KweKwe, Masvingo, Mutare Grand Reef and Victoria Falls. The EIA studies went up to the Initial Assessment stage and gave general recommendations for environmentally responsible project implementation. Full or Detailed EIAs were prescribed in two cases.

Matetsi Safari Lodge EIA, Victoria Falls Region: Preparation of EIA report for a proposed 60 bed safari lodge on the Zambezi River in the heavily gamed Matetsi Safari Area. Mitigation guidelines covered master planning, construction impacts, sensitive riverine habitats, game management, effluent treatment and social impacts.

NOCZIM FSP & Interlink Project EIA, Harare: Preparation of EIA report for an underground Fuel Storage Plant and connecting pipeline in the catchment of Harare’s water supply dams. Mitigation guidelines focused on construction, operation and decommissioning phases and were particularly concerned with fuel spill, risk assessment, aesthetic impact and rehabilitation post construction.

Mutukula-Bukoba-Lusahunga Road EIA, NW Tanzania: Research, Site Inspection and EIA Report production for a 280 km road in NW Tanzania. Impacts and mitigation recommendations included road cuttings, bridges, purchasing of land from farmers, swamp crossings and urban roads.

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Bulawayo: Preparation of environmental management and protection procedures for a large site. Natural, dry woodland predominates and all aspects of an environmental character are protected during planning and construction of a major installation. Preparation of specifications and contour plans for the rehabilitation of a 20 Ha quarry.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls: Preparation of specifications and inspection of rehabilitation of areas surrounding this time-share development. The site occurs on arid Kalahari Sands in mixed woodland and included a quarried area and elephant damaged vegetation.

Komana-Sehitwa Road, Botswana: Survey and environmental impact assessment for over 60 km of new road in arid Kalahari Biome. Preparation of report and environmental management procedures to minimise construction damage and rehabilitate land.

Mossgas, Mossel Bay: Preparation of rehabilitation procedures and contract documentation for extensive, disturbed areas and newly constructed berms in renosterbos, a rare ecotype.

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