New Look 2015

Posted by New World on Sunday, May 17, 2015 Under: Company
This is our new-look site which is being upgraded since its launch in 2010. Where does the time go, not to mention the promised site additions? I am hoping to do some occasional, maybe even regular blogging and addition of material to the site as time permits.

We have some magazine articles out there which we haven't added here, not to mention 25 years of projects to write about more than just the basic blurb. It's quite a challenge, however, pulling the material together, not to mention just learning how to use the site.

For those who are interested, this site is published in-house using our website service provider I can really recommend this American company to anyone with some basic word processing skills to get onto it and create your own site. They're quite affordable and much cheaper than having a specialist prepare one locally.

The thing we all want to see as designers are images, of course, plans, sketches, photographs, details. Without giving it all away the intention is to load more info up there to give a feel for the kind of work we have done over the two and half decades the practice has been operating.

Trying to find the perfect shot to illustrate a project or project aspect is not as easy as you may think so we're quite pleased with our banner photograph which shows a view over some rather still, reflective water at our flagship project in Cape Town, The Orangerie, next to the world famous Mount Nelson Hotel.

You'll see this project already illustrated on the Landscape Project page. The next project that has to go up is Bloemhof Electricity Headquarters, another flagship project in CT and the headquarters of the electricity department for the city. As a Green Star project it features simple endemic planting from the peninsula and Cape Flats.

Until the next blog, this is our first!

Bruce Eitzen

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